Brine Water Treatment: How to Achieve Minimal and Zero Liquid Waste Discharge

Brine Water Treatment

Brine water treatments solve a prevalent problem. Since 97.5% of the world’s water is saltwater, there’s an increasing shortage of water used for drinking, agriculture and industrial use. Furthermore, disposing of brine released through industrial processes negatively affects our planet. Therefore, brine water treatment provides a solution to instead extract the salt from this wastewater to repurpose it.

First Things First: What is Brine?

Brine is a liquid with high salinity (salt) that is part of the wastewater often produced by industrial processes, most often from mining or desalination processes.

What is Brine Water Treatment?

The first step in brine water treatment is to extract as much ‘pure’ water as possible. When using ‘de-supersaturation’ modules, you can recover as much as 95%. What’s left is a highly concentrated stream of brine, which you can then keep in an evaporation pond or achieve Zero Liquid Waste through a thermal or low-temperature process.

How Does Brine Water Treatment Work?

At NuWater, we combine several technologies to achieve Zero Liquid Waste Discharge (ZLD). One of these is lower temperature technology, which has proven to be more effective than commonly used high-temperature evaporation techniques. Furthermore, this means you can extract all mixed or pure salt, which you can then sell or reuse.

The Importance of Correctly Disposing of Brine

Getting rid of brine can be tricky because it affects the bodies of water and their marine life when you release it. It can also contain certain metals and cause damage to the environment where you dispose of it.

By using your wastewater to your benefit, you can turn waste into a resource. This is not only cost-effective but environmentally friendly as well. Legislations are also getting increasingly strict, which means that you have to ensure you correctly dispose of this brine – while adhering to the law. So, teaming up with a professional water treatment solutions company is a good idea to ensure you tick all the right boxes.

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