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Ultrafiltration Innovation: The New Direction in Municipal Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment


As the world’s 30th driest country, South Africa is continually assessing how best to balance sustainable water supply with ever-growing demand and pollution. But as water scarcity becomes a more pressing issue, and with rising concerns over environmental compliance against discharge and pollution, outdated municipal infrastructure, poor watershed management with widespread contamination and deterioration of rivers […]

[WATCH] NuWater’s approach to solving water challenges faced by the packhouse industry.

The biggest challenge for packhouses is complying with water contaminant standards and showing that processed fresh produce poses zero risks to importing countries. Packhouses use significant amounts of water, and the only way to enter the export market is to meet market compliance regulations and quality safety standards issued under the APS Act and water […]

[WATCH] 8 Steps to Identify the Best Water Treatment Solution for Your Needs.

Water Treatment

Water – The most fundamental of natural resources – is running out. With a national water crisis ongoing, many farmers, communities, towns, municipalities and businesses are recycling their wastewater. But energy consumption costs are one of the biggest challenges facing water treatment plants today.