Client Success Story: Alternative Water Source for Wet Pet Food Manufacturer

Client Success Story: Alternative Water Source for Wet Pet Food Manufacturer

In 2017, NuWater contacted a wet pet food manufacturer to offer an alternative water source solution. After anticipating that the drought would negatively affect their production security and facilities, we wanted to help them get a solution in place.

With over 25 years of experience, this client is the largest wet pet food manufacturer in South Africa. They pride themselves on providing honest information and wholesome products to better the lives of pets across the country and the people who love them.

Therefore, keeping their products of a consistently good quality was of the utmost importance, regardless of any water scarcity challenges they faced.

Securing an Alternative Water Source

Due to their complete in-house manufacturing of wet cat and dog food and high-quality standards, our client had already investigated an alternative water source in the form of borehole water.

Although our client received proposals from other suppliers to improve their existing systems, they decided to go with NuWater because of our excellent reputation and shorter lead times.

Client Success Story: Alternative Water Source for Wet Pet Food Manufacturer

The Problem with Water and Pet Food

The municipality’s ability to supply water was posing a threat to the consistency of our client’s operations. Furthermore, frequent cost increases brought further complications to the table. Besides the inconsistency of the municipal supply, our client’s borehole water was also of poor quality, which directly affected their production line and ultimately the quality of their product.

A Well-Received Solution

NuWater offered a containerised water treatment plant as a cost-effective solution to provide our client with a consistent supply of usable water.

This plant consists of pre-filtration, iron filtration, Reverse Osmosis, and a chemical dosing post-treatment system with UV and CIP. Finally, the entire process is backed up with NuWater’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) and lifetime guarantee for the process design.

Consistent Success

Our plant has consistently provided this client with high-quality water for over four years now. Even during the extreme water shortages in South Africa, our client continued operations successfully and without a failure. They have access to around 150m3/day of SANS241 drinking water standard, available around the clock.

Our client is now the No.1 manufacturer by volume in South Africa, thanks to this alternative water source. They also reduced their water consumption from the municipality considerably.

Client Success Story: Alternative Water Source for Wet Pet Food Manufacturer

Our Client’s Satisfaction

NuWater offered the timeliest solution at the best price paired with ongoing backup service and support.

Other competitor suppliers also offered standard equipment imported from foreign sources that was not explicitly engineered for South Africa’s water quality. In contrast, NuWater provided the most appropriate equipment, which proved to be highly successful.

“NuWater professionally guided us through the entire process from initial engagement and a site visit to design, construction, installation and commissioning of our water treatment plant. The overall consultation was professional, and solutions were explained in detail. The detail in the proposal makes it easy to evaluate the most valuable and viable solution.”

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