Client Success Story: NuWater’s Water Treatment Solutions Save Luxury Karoo Getaway Property

Client Success Story: Nuwater'S Water Treatment Solutions Save Luxury Karoo Getaway Property

NuWater’s water treatment solutions are not just for the big mining, agriculture, food and beverage industries. We often have smaller businesses with unique challenges that approach us. For example, a luxury getaway property in the Karoo recently reached out to seek our help. Here’s how we stepped in to assist them.

Overcoming Obstacles

The client was trying to establish an oasis in the middle of this arid region—a place where guests could break away from city life and enjoy the serenity of the Karoo.

However, the farm was facing water scarcity issues as the borehole water was incredibly high in salt and iron concentrations, rendering it useless for gardening or domestic use.

Without quality water, this luxury guest farm would remain only a dream.

Assessing the Situation

Given their remote location and specific water quality issues, we believed that it was best for us to pay the site visit to assess the situation in person.

Client Success Story: Nuwater'S Water Treatment Solutions Save Luxury Karoo Getaway Property

It became very apparent that the client wanted the best solution with a high degree of robustness. They also expressed interest in running the water plant directly off solar energy, which we kept in mind when coming up with their solution.

“Previous attempts at a solution were not engineered specifically for our water quality and variable water, thus kept failing and did not improve water related problems being experienced.”

NuWater’s Water Treatment Solutions Save the Day

After analysing their requirements and existing systems, we developed a treatment strategy incorporating media and membrane technologies.

We were able to blend two feed streams to thus maximise the overall efficiency both in terms of water and energy. We achieved this through containerised/iron reduction media, reverse osmosis, remineralisation, and the PLC-controlled and electrical panel was made to be solar accepting.

The Results Say it All

The client has reported that their farm has flourished due to the reliable, good-quality water used for the gardens, houses, and other general uses. Now that their water is potable, guests no longer rely on bought water for drinking or cooking.

Client Success Story: Nuwater'S Water Treatment Solutions Save Luxury Karoo Getaway Property

Furthermore, their geysers and pipework are no longer a problem, which used to get blocked up because of high salt and iron in the water. They’ve also reported reduced pool care and sprinkler maintenance.

As a result, their oasis is now a reality, with the gardens attracting more animal species like birdlife and small mammals. This success story just once again reiterates that water is life and that—regardless of initial quality, there could be an economically viable solution to turn it into usable water.

“The overall consultation was professional, and solutions were explained in detail, thus justifiable when comparisons were made. The water plant has been really reliable. NuWater attended to questions quickly and made time to discuss and make sure all parties understood and worked well together.”

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