Client Success Story: Rapid Water Supply Deployment to Senegal

Client Success Story: Rapid Water Supply Deployment to Senegal

NuWater was recently approached by a client in Senegal looking for a rental seawater reverse osmosis system producing at least 600m3/day. As a key infrastructure developer in shipping ports who also provide potable and ballast water for ships and cargo vessels, they struggled to meet water supply demands.

After consulting several Europe-based companies for a solution, they kept ending up frustrated by the long lead times each company proposed. Until, finally, they came across NuWater.

And as NuWater is also located in Africa but with world-class back-up and support, we could offer them a premium solution that also fit their budget and timeframe.

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Going Above and Beyond

NuWater offered them a solution that would have only a 6-7 week lead time, and together with the attractive pricing, the client agreed to the proposal.

Although the project started as a rental seawater osmosis system, it grew as the client requested quotations for additional site support infrastructure, components and spare parts.

And as we’re very familiar with these emergency requests and can commit to all aspects within our control, we could deliver. We can even test these systems using in-house rental pumps and ancillary equipment.

Client Success Story: Rapid Water Supply Deployment to Senegal


The Client’s Water Supply Challenge

The client’s challenge was not being able to rely on the municipal water supply to provide potable water to its customers when berthing at its ports. This immense pressure on the city’s water supply is a common issue caused by overpopulation and industrial growth.

Client Success Story: Rapid Water Supply Deployment to Senegal


NuWater Steps in

Through a cost-effective solution that promises 24/7 operations, the shortest lead-time they could find, ongoing maintenance contracts as well as remote monitoring and support, NuWater stepped in to save the day.

This assisted the client in getting improved and reliable access to 800m3/day of WHO drinking water standard water using our desalination water treatment plant and supporting infrastructure components.

“NuWater professionally guided us through the entire process from initial engagement and site visit to design and construction of our water treatment plant.”

Client Success Story: Rapid Water Supply Deployment to Senegal


How NuWater Can Help Your Business

If you’re looking for a business partner who can supply you with the best water treatment and liquid waste management equipment and services at an attractive price and reasonable lead time, then don’t hesitate to contact NuWater.

We’re experts in intelligent water solutions, are very familiar with emergency requests, and will commit to helping you with everything within our control.

Contact us today to get started.

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