Client Success Story: Sustainable Water Source For Food Manufacturer

Client Success Story: Sustainable Water Source For Food Manufacturer

The Client

The client, based in Tongaat approached NuWater after the devastating storms in April 2022. This client is a food production company who produces baked beans for the Southern Africa region.

The infrastructure to Tongaat was damaged and the forecast was that the area could be without water for months. The municipality’s ability to supply water was posing a threat to their operations.

The NuWater Solution

NuWater offered a containerised water treatment plant consisting of pre-filtration, ultrafiltration and reverse Osmosis. Building a treatment plant of this magnitude can take up to 12 weeks therefore NuWater supplied an interim rental water treatment plant within three weeks from signing the rental agreement.

Our quick response and supply of a rental water treatment plant that can consistently provide high-quality product water ensured that the business kept its doors open. The permanent water treatment plant was installed and commissioned.

Let’s Get Technical

Product volume per day: 300m3/day 

Quality: SANS241 drinking water standard 

Operations: 24/7 

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