Confronting South Africa’s Water Crisis

In 2019, only 18 out of 257 South Africa’s municipalities received a clean audit, and only 44 municipal wastewater plants out of 1 036 complied with Blue Drop status standards.

The South African economy is under immense pressure, with water management taking the lead as South Africa’s greatest challenge. Although Gauteng’s Vaal Dam has dipped below half-full and the Western Cape is in the grips of crippling drought – South Africa’s efforts to manage its scarce water resources seem to be frozen in time.

According to the Water Research Commission, half of South Africa’s water infrastructure is in disrepair, with over a third of SA’s water supply lost because of aged leaking pipes and dripping taps. But what’s most disturbing is that billions of litres of untreated sewage and toxic wastewater are dumped into rivers, streams and oceans each day – exacerbating economic problems and threatening life.

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