Effects of Covid-19 on local agriculture

As South Africa grapples with the effects of the COVID19 pandemic, farming exports have taken a massive R39bn hit. But South Africa’s agriculture sector is facing another serious problem: the quickly deteriorating quality of water.

Although water pollution or lack of water has always been an issue within agricultural areas – COVID-19 poses a new, more dangerous threat. While the entire country looks to the agriculture industry to feed them – now more than ever – farmers must ensure a consistent supply of quality water by filtering out contagions. Because the more control farmers have over their water, the more control they will have over their crops, livestock, and livelihood.

NuWater has the solution: mobile, deployable, high-performing water treatment plants. NuWater provides farmers with single compact plants that can treat over 20 million litres of wastewater each day and can even scale down to treat as of little as 50,000 litres per day. And the best part is you can own or lease the plant, with rental periods as short as three months.

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