Energy consumption costs

Energy consumption costs are one of the greatest challenges facing water treatment plants. For seawater and brackish water desalination, energy use can represent 50-70% of total operating costs. Paired with NuWater’s integrated solar power systems this cost can be significantly reduced and in a large majority of instances completely removed as an operating expense. Additionally, advancements in reverse-osmosis over the last five years have seen energy usage reduced by as much as 30%.

Setting new benchmarks in performance, productivity and reliability, NuWater is a key player in the South African water and waste water management sector. NuWater has pioneered several technologies, including the high-flux 16″ Reverse-Osmosis membrane technology with its patented integrated Flow Distributor and Electromagnetic Field technologies that manage fouling and scaling. The 16″ RO technology can reduce the footprint of a NuWater RO plant to less than half of that of a similar water and wastewater treatment plant-based on conventional 8″ RO technology.

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