Global water shortages impact

Global water shortages impact, and result in the losses of, thousands of lives per year. According to the World Health Organization —2.5 billion people live without clean water at home (over 35% of the world’s population). While the current world population sits at 7.7 billion, by 2050, about 9 billion people will inhabit our planet. This spike in population will affect the already limited water resources around the world.

Our water resources are scarce and limited – we need to start looking at seawater desalination. With only 0,007% of the planet’s water being drinkable, desalination provides a climate-independent source of water for critical human needs and economic development.

A proven, effective way to secure water supplies against the effects of climate change, a growing population and drought – desalination shouldn’t be looked at as a last resort. It should be viewed as a viable and cost-effective solution to our planets water scarcity needs.

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