Groundwater contamination in South Africa

Did you know? There are trillions of cubic metres of water right under our feet, of which, only 15% is utilized. As climate change continues to worsen South Africa’s water security, groundwater in rural areas is increasingly relied upon as a vital water source at different levels – from small-scale individual boreholes to large-scale, sophisticated supply schemes.

Critical to the functioning of the entire water cycle, groundwater plays a strategic role in supplying rural communities, informal settlements and ecosystems. But over 80% of untreated industry wastewater is released back to nature – threatening groundwater supplies with varying levels of microbial contamination.

But what if we reclaimed and reused our wastewater and groundwater?

Reclaiming and reusing wastewater and groundwater supplies are fast becoming an invaluable resource for many industry players. Apart from costs, properly processed water reduces industry water consumption and costs, cuts down the amount of pollution going into waterways, and improves compliance with environmental regulations.