Hatching a plan to save local chicken farming.

Although South Africa is rated number five in the world for chicken farming methods, we are still not as efficient as Brazil and the United States. We don’t have enough volumes because of high feed costs and the effect of cheap chicken imports, caused by years of drought paired with poor water quality.

While high-quality water is a critical ingredient of broiler-farming success, the most significant harm occurs when runoff from areas with chicken manure and waste contaminate surface water and groundwater, which are sources of drinking water. Manure contains phosphorus and nitrogen, which causes algae blooms in rivers, lakes, and underground boreholewater. Algae blooms kill fish because of the oxygen-depleted in the water, and they also cause methemoglobinemia/“blue baby syndrome”, which is fatal to babies.

NuWater recently hatched a smart plan for a local chicken farm operation that was under severe water restrictions but had billions of litres of dirty, polluted underground borehole water. We installed a mobile, adaptable, and rapidly deployable, high performing water treatment plant, built specifically for the farm’s unique environment and requirements. Using ultrafiltration and reverseosmosis technologies, we could guarantee the exact water quality required going forward.