Importance of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems | NuWater

Importance Of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems | Nuwater

The Importance of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems, Taking a closer look at why consistent, clean water is so essential to agriculture, in particular blueberry farms.

What Are Agricultural Water Treatment Systems?

Agricultural water treatment systems offer water solutions to the agricultural industry through water filtration and treatment processes.

These systems supply quality water to agricultural operations, whether it is drinking water for livestock, irrigation, packing and processing, sanitising or conveying fresh produce.

Why is Clean Water Important to Agriculture?

Water is an essential resource for the agriculture industry, however, not just any water will do. Access to clean, consistent water is essential so that there is no direct impact on the production chain.

For example, water filtration systems ensure that there are no harmful contaminants in the water so that it is safe for irrigation and livestock to drink.

Mineral removal and desalination, on the other hand, ensures that, through the process of Reverse Osmosis Technology, salt and mineral levels are reduced accordingly. This is important for the irrigation of fresh produce plantations, especially blueberries that are very sensitive to high salt and mineral levels.

Importance Of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems | Nuwater

Why Does Water Shortage Occur and What is The Effect on Agriculture?

Water scarcity mostly happens because of climate change and overpopulation. Climate change leads to flooding or droughts and has a direct and devastating effect on agriculture. It effectively threatens or disrupts water supply, management, and productivity, which directly affects livelihoods.

These days, agriculture uses 70% of our planet’s freshwater – three times as much compared to just 50 years ago. In the same breath, 40% of our world’s food production relies on artificial irrigation systems. And it is expected to only increase in the coming years.

Importance Of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems | Nuwater

Water Demands on Blueberry Farms

Fresh produce such as blueberries requires regular watering. This is because the blueberry plant has shallow, fine roots making it very vulnerable. Drip irrigation is a good solution as you need to ensure the soil is well-drained at all times.

The other challenge blueberry farmers face is that this fruit is highly sensitive to acidity and salinity in water.

Blueberry Farmers Need:

● Consistent access to enough water to irrigate blueberry plantations through mobile irrigation systems.

● Access to clean filtered water with reduced levels of salinity and acidity through mineral removal and desalination processes.

Importance Of Agricultural Water Treatment Systems | Nuwater

Best Water Technology South Africa

Because farmers often need water across vast pieces of land, mobile irrigation is vital to take water to livestock or irrigate large plantations.

That is why we at NuWater provide them with mobile, modular agricultural water treatment systems and resource management plants that are both scalable and cost-effective.

Our systems are automated to ensure high performance with low maintenance to provide quality water where and when needed.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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