Innovation in the packhouse industry

Are you fed up with spending large amounts of money on energy, water, and discharge tariffs. While capital outlay is an issue, your biggest challenge is a lack of freshwater, preventing you from meeting export compliance regulations. However, you’ve decided to install a compact, water treatment system to reduce operational costs, cut contamination risks, comply with standards, and enter the export market. Now, what – how do you identify which water treatment you need?

1. Test your current feed water problems.
2. Establish your needs for treated water.
3. Determine your peak flow periods.
4. Perform a full water analysis.
5. Find out if your packhouse can meet the required specifications.
6. Evaluate your onsite space to determine the water treatment system size.
7. Establish the hourly and daily total feed supply.
8. Determine the total volume required as product water/treated water per day.

[WATCH] NJ Bouwer (Executive at NuWater) as he takes as through NuWaters’ involvement as well as the innovation behind this Water treatment system.

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