Innovative technology to continue providing effective wastewater treatment

Innovative technology to continue providing effective wastewater treatment

The global wastewater treatment market is expected to reach 248.32 billion rands by the year 2026. The market is being propelled by many factors including depleting freshwater resources and strict regulations on the treatment of industrial waste.

As those challenges present themselves, the industry is stepping up with innovative technologies to continue providing effective wastewater treatment. NuWater is deeply committed to developing smart, innovative solutions to match our clients’ needs and keep up with the
market demand. We seek to break down barriers, find new approaches and advance breakthroughs that will combat the challenges in wastewater treatment.

About NuWater Water Treatment

NuWater is a smart water treatment solutions company. We have evolved from a dynamic new start-up to becoming industry leaders who are at the forefront of intelligent water treatment solutions. We provide real solutions, solutions that are sustainable, mobile, adaptable, resourceful and efficient. Solutions that are changing lives, communities, businesses, ecosystems, and environments for the better.

NuWater is your business partner when it comes to water treatment and liquid waste management. Our appetite for innovation and our constant drive to search for new, cutting edge, novel technologies ensures that we can meet the needs of our customers. We are a technology-led engineering company that designs, builds, finances, operates and maintains water treatment plants. Plants that treat contaminated water for the provision of high-quality drinking and industrial process water from almost any water source.