Lease a wastewater plant from NuWater

Operating a wastewater treatment plant is expensive, with much of the expense coming from the energy it takes to run. But why purchase and run a wastewater plant when you can lease one from NuWater?

Providing sustainable next-generation, next-level water treatment solutions that reduce operational costs — we design, build, own, and operate advanced ‘Modular & Mobile’ water and wastewater treatment and desalination plants. This means we retain complete responsibility for design, manufacture and installation, and a very high level of ongoing involvement in the operations and maintenance of these plants, including 24-hour remote plant monitoring and advanced analytics to ensure smooth operations.

As water issues intensify, so does awareness of the effects of water management decisions. From water equipment, wastewater treatment solutions, and reuse to the return to the natural environment—our expertise across the water cycle and industry sectors place us in a unique position to provide outstanding solutions that save our clients’ money and reduce their environmental footprint.

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