Looming Water Crisis

Many invisible threads connect nature to our plates, backyards and the products we use and one of the most important ones is water. Experts have warned of a looming water crisis that could mirror SA’s energy woes. South Africa will have a 17% water deficit by 2030 and unless we take urgent steps to implement a range of integrated solutions, the country’s next looming crisis—like the power crisis—will be severe water scarcity.

With droughts, extreme storms and floods increasing in frequency, and intensity, South Africa is grappling with the long-term effects of water systems that are buckling under the weight of our collective demand. We need long-term holistic solutions that meet rural and urban water delivery challenges—and that’s where NuWater comes in.

Driving water innovation through our ground-breaking patented technology, we are global pioneers in water treatment solutions. We have the expertise, the experience, and the resources to reclaim and recover any source water to the exacting quantity and quality required by the Agricultural, Industrial, Mining, Power, Gas & Oil, and Municipal and Residential sectors.

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