Municipal Water Treatment Success by NuWater

Municipal Water Treatment Success By Nuwater

Since South Africa suffers a growing potable water shortage, we need an effective, immediate solution that won’t incur insurmountable costs. Ageing water treatment plants are under severe pressure due to population growth and urbanisation. Furthermore, leaking pipes cause a loss of between 25% and 50% of treated potable water, resulting in immense wastage and further financial pressure on municipalities.

Saving Municipalities

A prosperous society embraces technological advancement. Therefore, NuWater is rooted in the discovery and implementation of revolutionary water treatment processes like groundbreaking reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF). Specialising in the treatment of water and wastewater and seawater desalination, NuWater designs, installs, and monitors world-class modular automated plant solutions for private and public use.

The NuWater Solution

NuWater aims to inform municipal engineering departments on the best environmentally friendly and cost-effective water treatment solutions, helping them implement these processes to achieve high-quality results. Decade-old conventional methods still employed by most municipalities can’t compete with modern advancements and cost millions of rands to construct.

On the other hand, NuWater’s compact solutions are not only more affordable but also relatively quick to build, deploy and commission, offering an operating life of up to 40 years.

NuWater’s Municipal Water Treatment

South Africa’s water transmission network can be significantly improved by outsourcing water and wastewater treatment to private sector experts such as NuWater. The South African Infrastructure Fund’s public-private partnership (PPP) model supports this dynamic view. An example of a PPP in action is NuWater’s agreement with various local municipalities to operate several UF package plants.

Municipal Water Treatment Success By Nuwater

Alleviating Water Stress Since 2015

The initial capacity at a municipal water treatment plant in 2015 was six megalitres per day. NuWater successfully increased the plant’s ability to 15 megalitres at the beginning of 2019 and installed the last five megalitres per day later.

Now the plant treats 20 megalitres per day, while it has already treated over nine billion litres of water to a potable standard.

Still Going Strong

In February 2020, NuWater approached a South African municipality with a voluntary bid to supply additional water using a Seawater Reverse Osmosis plant. The proposal was accepted in 2021 due to an ongoing water crisis, which started with the severe drought in 2018. The daily water requirements for the region fluctuate between 6-8ML/day, and the previous water treatment plant failed to deliver the required output.

NuWater supplied the infrastructure to connect the water treatment plant to the existing network along with all the necessary process equipment. An operation and maintenance contract supports the delivery of infrastructure and equipment to ensure the plant is operated as efficiently as possible. Given the crisis and the severe lack of water, 0.25ML/day is provided to the city free of charge.

Trustworthy Water Treatment Solutions at Your Fingertips

NuWater provides intelligent, mobile, and sustainable water treatment solutions to alleviate South Africa’s water treatment problems and ensure more potable water for our beloved country’s citizens. Contact us today.

About NuWater Water Treatment

NuWater is a smart water treatment solutions company. We have evolved from a dynamic new start-up to becoming industry leaders who are at the forefront of intelligent water treatment solutions. We provide real solutions, solutions that are sustainable, mobile, adaptable, resourceful and efficient. Solutions that are changing lives, communities, businesses, ecosystems, and environments for the better.

NuWater is your business partner when it comes to water treatment and liquid waste management. Our appetite for innovation and our constant drive to search for new, cutting edge, novel technologies ensures that we can meet the needs of our customers. We are a technology-led engineering company that designs, builds, finances, operates and maintains water treatment plants. Plants that treat contaminated water for the provision of high-quality drinking and industrial process water from almost any water source.