NuWater’s Swift Response: A Full-Scale Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant in 14 Days

NuWater's Swift Response: A Full-Scale Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant in 14 Days

In record time, NuWater recently deployed a Chemical preparation and Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant for the George Municipality. This remarkable feat was achieved in just 14 days, providing a swift, sustainable solution to pressing water treatment challenges. The rapid deployment of the plant was necessitated by an upgrade to the municipality’s existing civil-based water treatment works and a surge in demand during the peak season. Thanks to NuWater’s quick turnaround time and the versatile functionality of their equipment, these challenges were swiftly mitigated.

The system was redeployed from a site where it had been effectively used for iron and manganese removal. At its new location, the plant now serves a different purpose – heavy metal reduction, color and tannin removal, and organics. NuWater’s adaptability and commitment to resource optimization are evident in the plant’s successful repurposing.


The NuWater plant features several functional units, including feed and product reservoirs, backwash pump stations, and cleaning systems for regular and chemical cleaning. It also includes air compressors, backwash water recovery systems, control rooms, and lab and analytical testing stations. Remarkably, the entire facility was deployed within the stipulated 14 days, showcasing NuWater’s exceptional operational efficiency.

The operations of the plant have surpassed initial expectations, reaching a peak design flow rate of 420m3/h and a system recovery rate of up to 90%, delivering up to 5ML of water per day. Additionally, the plant incorporates power-saving features like Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on all equipment to meet diverse flow demands, LED lighting in all units, and efficient use of existing infrastructure. Efforts have been made to operate all pumps at maximum efficiency, further boosting its eco-friendly credentials.

Unlike typical water treatment plants, NuWater’s plant is modular and can be expanded with further configurations if needed. This flexibility enables it to meet changing demands without compromising on efficiency.

In the process of building the plant, NuWater discovered new methods of cleaning, which reduced the consumption of cleaning chemicals and shifted focus to air scouring systems. This innovative approach underscores NuWater’s commitment to sustainable and efficient practices.

The plant was initially deployed as a short-term rental solution for six months, but its duration can be extended to over five years if required, offering a temporary yet flexible solution to the municipality’s water treatment needs.

NuWater’s latest achievement is a testament to its adaptability, efficiency, and commitment to sustainable practices. It sets a new standard for rapid deployment and flexible functionality in the water treatment industry. With NuWater at the helm, the future of water treatment looks brighter and more sustainable than ever.

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