Providing for one of South Africa’s biggest foundries

NuWater provides process water for cooling and production use at one of South Africa’s most prestigious foundries. Based in the greater Cape Town, this foundry manufactures castings for several flagship international clients.

Water forms a fundamental part of the smelting and casting processes, this mean that the client needs water resilience and security to ensure their global supply demands are met.

A NuWater ultrafiltration system including oxidation and waste handling system was installed to manage the elevated iron (>15mg/l) and the excessive suspended solids (>40mg/l). Additional treatment was also done downstream of the Reverse Osmosis permeate water, consisting of Deionization.

Deionized water allows for greater cycles within hot water systems, allowing for accurate chemical residuals to be maintained.

By implanting this technique, the client has been able to achieve far higher systems recoveries than expected and now can comfortably rely on stable RO performance due to the high quality feedwater being delivered to it.