Seafood Production Facility Secures Consistent Water Supply Solution

Seafood Production Facility Secures Consistent Water Supply Solution

One of South Africa’s largest frozen and fresh seafood suppliers faced great difficulty securing a consistent water supply solution and complying with increased water contamination standards. Therefore, they had to find a way to find an alternative water source other than their existing unreliable water supply to keep the business afloat.

Inconsistent Water Supply

In 2018, NuWater reached out to them after anticipating their struggles to assist them in coming up with a solution.

The seafood production facility is located on a property spanning approximately 42,000m² and requires a large volume of water to run efficiently. The existing water service provider’s inability to supply the facility with consistent water greatly affected operations. Furthermore, it often fluctuated outside of EU Standards, and the cost continually rose, becoming their Achilles’ heel.

As a result, they decided to investigate an alternative water source – boreholes. However, the borehole water still contained excessive amounts of iron and other chemical and biological contaminants, posing a threat to the consistency of their production water.

Setting up for Long-Term Success

In 2021, they reached out to NuWater to finalise the requirements, layouts, and proposal.

The production facility decided to go with NuWater because we were the only firm offering a Containerised Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis System for borehole water. Plus, it comes with a track record of reliable, guaranteed performance.

Furthermore, we offered the best cost-effective yet efficient solution, a short lead time, and remote monitoring. The entire process is regulated by PLC control and backed up by NuWater’s 24-month Service Level Agreement (SLA).

NuWater also offered them water storage for an entire day’s production to seal the deal.

NuWater’s Water Supply Solution

NuWater’s solution consists of a self-cleaning filter, a pre-treatment dosing system, two Ultrafiltration systems to ensure 100% up-time, and a Reverse Osmosis System.

It includes post-treatment dosing systems (sodium hypochlorite), antiscalant dosing system, CIP systems, process tanks, and controls, which are containerised using a 40-foot container. The offer included installation and commissioning.

The Difference it Made

After successful implementation, the plant has consistently provided high-quality EU standard product water of up to 250m3/day to the factory. This, in turn, enabled them to meet the required standards, reduce their municipal water consumption, and have peace of mind that they have reliable, high-quality water 24/7.

Seafood Production Facility Secures Consistent Water Supply Solution

Their auditing of water-related matters has become simple as they consistently pass all quality tests, and the unit can be monitored easily with quick checks. NuWater’s SLA visits furthermore re-enforce quality checks and auditable track records of consistent performance.

Your Water Treatment Solution Partners

NuWater is familiar with this type of short delivery and will commit to all aspects within our control. We always look at a solution in terms of the environmental impact, quality requirement, and client preferences and, most importantly, offer a solution best suited for the water feed quality.

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