Seawater Desalination

The practical solution to 21st-century farming
For years, salt-stressed coastal regions have been unproductive for crop-growing farmers. Saline soil and saline water hinder plant growth by inducing a drought-like state or ion toxicity. But we have found a sensible and realistic solution: Reverse-Osmosis Seawater Desalination.

The technology to a limitless resource providing the highest assurance of supply, seawater desalination is the practical solution to 21st-century farming.
Besides producing water at the level of millions of liters each day for human consumption, agriculture and industrial needs—seawater desalination can save farmers plenty of money down the line by providing water security. There’s just one problem: the upfront cost of purchasing a desalination plant is unaffordable for many small-scale farmers. But NuWater has the perfect solution for those farmers.

At NuWater, we design, build, own, lease, and operate modular and mobile water treatment and desalination plants that cut costs right in half. Besides supplying customers with our ground-breaking reverse-osmosis membrane technology, we can tailor our desalination plants to clean and produce 15 000 to 50 million liters of water of a day.