Smart Farming: Agri-Tech

Imagine using a map on your smartphone that shows where your tractors are operating, their fuel levels, and how much crop has been harvested? No need to imagine. It’s already here.

The UN predicts that the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, causing global agricultural production to rise by 69% between 2020 and 2050. To meet this demand, farmers and agricultural companies are turning to Agri-Tech and specialist water treatment and reuse companies to assist.

While electricity itself is not a cutting-edge technology, improved access to sustainable electric power via wind and solarfarms has the potential to boost agricultural efficiency and cut food losses. Digital mapping technology helps farmers survey their fields, analyse soils, navigate tractors, monitor growing crops and assemble accurate data on yields. Crop spraying drones survey land and generate crop data, and wastewater treatment technologies generate energy and additional revenue streams.

Agri-Tech has many benefits. These include a reduced impact on natural eco-systems, increased worker safety, higher crop productivity and decreased use of water. Through Agri-Tech farmers will be able to take agriculture to new heights, keeping farm to fork.