Recognised globally as a pioneer in smart water treatment solutions, NuWater has the expertise, experience and resources to reclaim, recover and re-source any source water to the exacting quantity and quality required by clients in the Agricultural, Industrial, Mining, Power, Gas & Oil, and Municipal & Residential sectors.


On-site research and innovation laboratory

Like our smart water treatment solutions, NuWater’s laboratory is adaptable, movable and equipped with the latest systems to conduct in-depth research, tests and investigations into evolving technologies, software, equipment and engineering advances.

In partnership with the Water Research Council, internationally recognised academic institutions, leading equipment manufacturers and clients, NuWater undertakes in-depth and rigorous research and testing. This enables us to find smarter, faster, tech-savvy solutions that deliver improved water safety, security and sustainability.

From potable and industrial process water to modern wastewater and site remediation solutions, NuWater is leading the way with high performing water, wastewater and desalination plants. Innovative plants that deliver smart solutions – solutions that are sustainable, mobile, adaptable, resourceful and transformation.

Potable water

Fit for consumption

Potable water is water that is considered safe to drink and cook with. Free from harmful bacteria and contaminants, potable water includes domestic tap water from treated municipal water systems.

Catering to clients of all sizes, NuWater’s water, wastewater and desalination plants are capable of producing 15 000 to 50 million litres of high-grade potable water a day.

Our smallest units can be towed behind a utility vehicle, while our larger shipping containerised units are mobile and scalable making them easily transportable and ideal for remote locations.

Industrial process water

Keeping the wheels of industry turning

Water is a critical part of any industrial process; firmly linked to product quality, equipment longevity, and company profits. High grade industrial process water is water used for such purposes as fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product, incorporating water into a product, or for sanitation needs within the manufacturing facility.

Specialists in reclaiming and recovering high-grade industrial process water from wastewater, brackish water or seawater, NuWater has an exemplary track record in providing water-reliant clients with a sustainable re-source that reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

15M to 50M

We are capable of producing 15 000 to 50 million litres of high-grade potable water a day.

100% Safe

Portable water is considered 100% safe for cooking and drinking, free from harmful bacteria and contaminants.

100% Mobile

Units can be towed behind a utility vehicle, or shipping containerised units are mobile and scalable.


Providing sustainable
water solutions

Industrial wastewater

From the mining, power, oil and gas sectors to the agricultural and industrial sectors, industry as a whole produces enormous quantities of industrial wastewater – the majority of which is released back into the environment untreated, further compromising our fresh water sources.

Water is a critical part of any industrial process; firmly linked to product quality, equipment longevity, and company profits. Drought, climate change and dramatically declining fresh water supplies have driven industry to find a more sustainable supply of water.

By reclaiming, recovering and re-sourcing high quality industrial process and potable water from industrial wastewater, NuWater’s high performing plants are equipping industrial giants around the world to turn one of their biggest problems into an economically and environmentally viable solution.

Modern wastewater

Providing a sustainable resource

Modern wastewater is produced by communities and includes wastewater from households, commercial businesses, shopping centres and all municipal facilities and public amenities.

With diminishing fresh water supplies, rising demand and ageing infrastructure, Municipalities are under more pressure than ever to find sustainable sources of water.

Specialists in provide a sustainable re-source of water for reuse, NuWater has vast experience in every other arena, making wastewater recovery a natural extension of our portfolio of solutions.

Site remediation

Preserving our freshwater reserves

Site remediation requires rehabilitating and rebalancing the environment back to its natural healthy state.

Working in some of the most challenging environments with complex and multiple wastewater sources, NuWater’s smart water solutions include waste recovery up to Zero Liquid Discharge, with waste streams reutilised as income or efficient sources of fuel.

Our mobile, scalable, containerised plants are easily transportable and commissioned on site, making cleaning up at the source more efficient and cost effective.

With short, medium and long-term water treatment rentals available, our plants are idea for emergencies and crisis management, location specific work and projects of all sizes.