[WATCH] NuWater’s approach to solving water challenges faced by the packhouse industry.

The biggest challenge for packhouses is complying with water contaminant standards and showing that processed fresh produce poses zero risks to importing countries. Packhouses use significant amounts of water, and the only way to enter the export market is to meet market compliance regulations and quality safety standards issued under the APS Act and water quality accreditation bodies.

[WATCH] Hermias Niewoudt (Business Development NuWater) takes us through NuWaters approach to providing smart water solutions to the pack house industry.

The packhouse industry’s need for water treatment stems from the industry looking to minimise their environmental footprint. Other factors that contribute to a need for water treatment in the packhouse industry include:

  • Packhouses are typically located outside conventional municipal water infrastructure. Therefore they require to supply their own water.

  • Reducing the amount of effluent water produced by their processes and production.

To comply with the standards laid out by the relevant water quality bodies, packhouses must have a smart-water plan in place. This requires both technical expertise and the right smart-water technology. 

NuWater typically offers the following solutions to fruit packhouses.

  • Inlet screening system
  • Chemical conditioning
  • Clarification system
  • Multimedia filtration
  • Suspended solids removal (UF)
  • Iron filtration
  • Desalination
  • Post-treatment


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