South African Pack-houses are Beating Wastewater Challenges with NuWater

The waste associated with the processing of agricultural products has raised environmental red flags in recent time. It can be damaging to the environment, and in certain instances costly to manage because of the large quantities of nutrients, organic carbon, nitrogenous organics, suspended and dissolved solids. Additional concerns include high biochemical and chemical oxygen demand present in the effluent water.

[WATCH] NuWater engineer JP Lombard as he gives us a run down of what a water treatment plant in the packhouse industry is typically comprised of.

These challenges are reversible by treating process wastewater with equipment capable of removing suspended solids, colour, or excessive minerals. The water can either be reused or discharged safely to the environment.

At NuWater, we understand the challenges facing pack-houses and exporters and have the right solution and products to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.

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