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How NuWater aims to tackle drought

Water is a critical part of human life and industry, but since 2015—South Africa has been battling to keep up with demand due to years of diminished or late rainfall, abnormally hot weather, and the slow rate of maintenance of municipal water and wastewater facilities. The results: scorched grazing lands, Dried up watering holes, livestock […]

Water truths you should know

50 million litres of dirty raw sewage is discharged into the ocean off of our South African coastlines each day. Adding to that, municipalities and various industries pump millions of litres of untreated sewage into our national river systems, contaminating the water and seeping into our groundwater supplies. As the 30th driest country in the […]

Beat The Drought, Increase Yield and Reduce Energy Costs

Did you know that South Africa’s agricultural sector uses nearly 79% of the total land area – but only 12% of that land is suitable for rain-fed crops? Being a farmer is one of the toughest jobs around. Farmers are up against drought, the competition of cheap imports, toxic chemicals, climate change, and pollution of our natural resources. But most […]

South Africa’s water challenges

With seasonal cycles between floods and droughts – water quality or lack thereof, are creating limiting factors to South Africa’s development. Not just a climate change dilemma but also a problem of municipal constraints – South Africa has witnessed many cities, towns, communities, and businesses threatened by water supply failures. South Africa’s water challenges vary from province to province, with the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North-West, […]

Hatching a plan to save local chicken farming.

Although South Africa is rated number five in the world for chicken farming methods, we are still not as efficient as Brazil and the United States. We don’t have enough volumes because of high feed costs and the effect of cheap chicken imports, caused by years of drought paired with poor water quality. While high-quality water is a critical ingredient of […]