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Showcase: Potable water filtration

Using our patented filtration technologies and best-in-class, purpose-fit equipment filtration solutions, that include conventional media filtration to highly advanced micro, ultra and nanofiltration – we provide the most economical and effective solution to reclaim and recover high-quality potable and industrial process water for a wide range of industries.

Solutions = Nuwater

South Africa’s dams, rivers, wastewater systems and water distribution systems are in a dire state, and unless urgent steps are taken, South Africa’s water crisis will prove far more destructive than the power crisis, potentially crippling the economy and costing lives. But the solutions to these challenges can be found with NuWater. Leaders in water […]

What’s lurking in your water?

Effects of Water on Crops and Animals You May Not Know. Businesses need to be more aware of the footprint effluent water has on crops and animals while the most immediate effect of releasing effluent on the environment is the contamination and destruction of natural habitats and the wildlife that lives in those habitats. Adding […]

National Water Crisis

The South African continent is on the verge of a national water crisis, which promises to worsen in the upcoming months and years. In recent months, taps have run dry for many across the country, leaving thousands without clean water or no water at all. The solution? Lease short- or long-term customised water treatment plants, […]

Why waste water, when we can reuse it?

Water, water, water—South African #municipal water problems are never-ending. Add #climatechange and #overpopulation to an already shrinking water supply, and South Africans will have bigger problems than Eskom’s energy woes. South Africa will have no safe drinking water. But NuWater’s high-performing water treatment plants address these water problems quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. NuWater is a […]

We need fresh water to survive

We need fresh water to survive, and with a planet composed of 70% water, this should not be hard to achieve. But 97% is saltwater, and only 1% is potable. With climate change and drought experienced in many areas of South Africa, our water supply is running short. But there is a solution – and […]

There is not enough water for SA” – Lindiwe Sisulu.

The country is experiencing severe water shortages, and with the increase in population paired with climate change—it’s predicted that South Africa will run short of water by 2030. But NuWater believes they can beat this prediction. Recognised globally as a pioneer in smart water treatment solutions, NuWater has the resources, patented technology, and years of […]