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The importance of reclaiming, reusing and recovering water

It seems simple: you turn the tap and water pours out. But for millions, this is not the case. Over the past decade, South Africa has witnessed the deterioration of municipal wastewater infrastructure and water treatment quality. According to the Water Research Commission, we lose over a third of our water supply because of aged […]

Water truths you should know

50 million litres of dirty raw sewage is discharged into the ocean off of our South African coastlines each day. Adding to that, municipalities and various industries pump millions of litres of untreated sewage into our national river systems, contaminating the water and seeping into our groundwater supplies. As the 30th driest country in the […]

Empowering local businesses

As part of its Enterprise Development Program, NuWater South Africa (Pty) Ltd has collaborated with the Guild of Coffee to assist an entrepreneurial South African with the establishment of their own business in the form of a coffee shop. Meet Zolisa, as we follow him on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur empowered by NuWater.

South Africa’s coastline as a water source.

South Africa’s Water Resources are Spent. We Cannot Meet Future water Demands For over a century, Cape Town has relied on surface water diverted from the Berg, Riviersonderend, Palmiet and Steenbras to provide for this basic resource and service. Whereas Gauteng receives water from the Vaal Dam and the Orange River, Day Zero is looming in drought-hit KZN where […]