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Turning water challenges into success stories

The thing about an inspirational story is that it breeds change – and that is what NuWater is bringing to South Africa’s agricultural sector. NuWater is turning the farming sectors water challenges into success stories – one farm at a time. For instance, NuWater recently hatched a smart plan for a local chicken farm under […]

NuWater provides process water for cooling and production use

NuWater provides process water for cooling and production use at one of South Africa’s most prestigious foundries. Based in the greater Cape Town, this foundry manufactures castings for several flagship international clients. Water forms a fundamental part of the smelting and casting processes, this mean that the client needs water resilience and security to ensure […]

Collaborating with Guild of Coffee

As part of its Enterprise Development Program, NuWater South Africa (Pty) Ltd has collaborated with the Guild of Coffee to assist an entrepreneurial South African with the establishment of their own business in the form of a coffee shop. Meet Zolisa, as we follow him on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur empowered by NuWater.

70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water

70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water—with 97% saltwater and 3% freshwater. Of the 3%, less than 1% is potable. Given the growth in population and the effects of climate change, wastewater must be sustainably used and made drinkable. Providing solutions for future-water-ready industries, NuWater is at the forefront of seawater desalination. We […]

Wastewater is now considered more a resource than waste

In seeking greater sustainability in water resource management, wastewater is now considered more a resource than waste—and to preserve this precious resource for further use, many South African and global industries have partnered with NuWater. Highly celebrated globally for changing the face of modern wastewater treatment, NuWater is focused on minimising the impact on the […]

NuWater is a technology-led company

What if we told you that one of our single compact plants can treat 8-Olympic-sized swimming pools of wastewater a day? Or how our ground-breaking water treatment solutions empower many of South Africa’s municipalities and industries to reclaim, recover and re-source high-quality water from any water source? And what if we showed you how our […]

Our solutions are changing lives

Over the last decade, we have evolved from a startup to becoming industry leaders, who are at the forefront of smart water solutions. We are proud of the innovative solutions we are bringing to the market and the real impact we are making on our environment. Our solutions are changing lives, businesses, communities, and ecosystems. […]

If high quality water was not used then, the egg laying facilities would not survive

NuWater helped hatch a smart plan to help the chicken hatchery operations of a large national farming consortium. The organisation began drilling for a sustainable supply of water when faced with tightening water restrictions. While they were able to source large quantities of water, the quality was not acceptable. If high-quality water was not used […]

Protecting the natural resource of water

Our curiosity is fueled by research and innovation that seeks to protect the natural resource of water. Engineering ingenuity, cutting-edge technologies and mobile, scalable, turnkey wastewater and desalination plants demonstrate our innovative approach to reclaiming and recovering high quality potable and industrial process water for a wide range of industries. For more information on NuWaters […]