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The importance of reclaiming, reusing and recovering water

It seems simple: you turn the tap and water pours out. But for millions, this is not the case. Over the past decade, South Africa has witnessed the deterioration of municipal wastewater infrastructure and water treatment quality. According to the Water Research Commission, we lose over a third of our water supply because of aged […]

How NuWater aims to tackle drought

Water is a critical part of human life and industry, but since 2015—South Africa has been battling to keep up with demand due to years of diminished or late rainfall, abnormally hot weather, and the slow rate of maintenance of municipal water and wastewater facilities. The results: scorched grazing lands, Dried up watering holes, livestock […]

Water truths you should know

50 million litres of dirty raw sewage is discharged into the ocean off of our South African coastlines each day. Adding to that, municipalities and various industries pump millions of litres of untreated sewage into our national river systems, contaminating the water and seeping into our groundwater supplies. As the 30th driest country in the […]

South Africa’s impending food crisis

South Africa is predicted to run out of freshwater by 2030, leaving millions vulnerable to thirst and food insecurity. Although the agricultural industry is already the highest user of water, consuming up to 60% of our global water supply – according to the WWF, South Africa will have to produce 50% more food by 2050 to feed an estimated […]

Confronting South Africa’s Water Crisis

In 2019, only 18 out of 257 South Africa’s municipalities received a clean audit, and only 44 municipal wastewater plants out of 1 036 complied with Blue Drop status standards. The South African economy is under immense pressure, with water management taking the lead as South Africa’s greatest challenge. Although Gauteng’s Vaal Dam has dipped […]

The Key to South Africa’s Water Woes

South Africa is wrestling with the long-term effects of water systems that are buckling under the weight of our demand, affirming that our current approach to water and wastewater practices fail to meet water quality standards and population demand. Although it’s predicted that South Africa will run short of water by 2030 – South Africa’s efforts […]

South Africa’s coastline as a water source.

South Africa’s Water Resources are Spent. We Cannot Meet Future water Demands For over a century, Cape Town has relied on surface water diverted from the Berg, Riviersonderend, Palmiet and Steenbras to provide for this basic resource and service. Whereas Gauteng receives water from the Vaal Dam and the Orange River, Day Zero is looming in drought-hit KZN where […]

South Africa’s Looming Water Crisis

Did you know? In 2017, not only were 40% of all our wastewater treatment plants in a critical state in terms of infrastructure, but only 7% complied with international standards. For billions, it’s easy. You need water; you turn your tap. For many South Africans, the water is brown and contaminated, or there is no water at all. While […]