The dire state of South Africa’s water.

South Africa’s dams, rivers, wastewater systems and water distribution systems are in a dire state, and unless urgent steps are taken, South Africa’s water crisis will prove far more destructive than the power crisis, potentially crippling the economy and costing lives. But the solutions to these challenges can be found with NuWater.

As leaders in water and wastewater treatment, we believe that being a South African company with an in-depth understanding of the local market, combined with our proven next-level RO technology, global experience, and partnerships with the respected industry bodies and internationally recognised academic institutions, as well as leading equipment manufacturers, position us as key players in addressing South Africa’s water security challenges.

Addressing South Africa’s water challenges by pushing technology forward while maintaining energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness – our modular and mobile water, wastewater, and desalination plants, can produce 15 000 to 50 million litres and more of high-grade potable water a day.