The importance of reclaiming, reusing and recovering water

It seems simple: you turn the tap and water pours out. But for millions, this is not the case.

Over the past decade, South Africa has witnessed the deterioration of municipal wastewater infrastructure and water treatment quality. According to the Water Research Commission, we lose over a third of our water supply because of aged leaking pipes and dripping taps. But what’s most disturbing is that billions of litres of untreated sewage are illegally dumped into rivers, dams and oceans each day.

Water is on the rise to become a resource more valuable than gold – because the less fresh drinking water we have, the greater the cost of water will be in the future. With the increase in population, theft, poor infrastructure, mismanagement of funds, and water pollution paired with declining freshwater supplies, businesses, informal settlements, communities, municipalities and farms have turned to NuWater’s sustainable, economical wastewater treatment solutions.

NuWater empowers industries to reclaim, reuse and recover water from any water source. Best of all, our water treatment plants are modular with the ease of lease-to-own options. That’s right, why purchase when you can rent a plant.