There is not enough water for SA” – Lindiwe Sisulu.

The country is experiencing severe water shortages, and with the increase in population paired with climate change—it’s predicted that South Africa will run short of water by 2030. But NuWater believes they can beat this prediction.

Recognised globally as a pioneer in smart water treatment solutions, NuWater has the resources, patented technology, and years of expertise to reclaim, recover and re-source any source water to the exacting quantity and quality required by the Agricultural, Industrial, Mining, Power, Gas & Oil, and Municipal & Residential sectors.

Covering solutions that range from grouped domestic water filtration systems, customised modular units to full-scale design and build installations—our several patented technologies augmented with effluent reclamation and ground and surface water treatments provide the most economical and effective water sourcing plan for future-ready water industries.

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