Top 4 Water Purification Solutions for Water-Scarce Areas

Top 4 Water Purification Solutions For Water-Scarce Areas

Reliable and innovative water purification systems are in demand, now more than ever, as the world continuously battles to sustain one of its most precious resources. And limited access to safe drinking water, combined with poor hygiene, are just some of the most common causes of illness and death in developing and water-scarce areas.

As proud industry leaders in water treatment solutions, we provide water purification systems that solve the bigger picture. Read below as we discuss four water purification solutions that can aid remote and water-scarce areas.

Best Water Purification Solutions for Water-Scarce Regions

Here are some of the water solutions available to water-scarce and remote regions.

1. Water Filtration and Disinfection

Water filtration and Disinfection is the process of filtering out contaminants and removing bacteria through the use of strainers, media or cartridge filters followed by disinfection. As one of the simplest water purification systems, water filtration is an effective solution for water-scarce areas where the minerals present within the water is within the drinking water specifications already. It’s usually also the first step in our water purification system.

Top 4 Water Purification Solutions For Water-Scarce Areas

In the more extreme cases, advanced water filtration processes like membrane filtration are necessary to purify heavily polluted waters. 

2. Water Reclamation

As the global population continues to grow, so will the demand for freshwater. However, without sustainable water resource management, this demand can quickly exceed available water supply – especially in remote and water-scarce areas.

Water reclamation is the treatment of wastewaters whereby once it meets the required quality criteria the water can be reused. This type of water purification system has proven to be the most sustainable water-saving strategy around the world and can be prepared for anything from potable water for consumption or agriculture to ultra-pure water for power stations.

3. Effluent Water Treatment

The developing world faces an issue where wastewater and domestic sewage is released back into their main water supply (i.e., lakes, rivers, and the ocean). Unfortunately, this aids in spreading harmful pathogens, leaving the water unusable and harmful to humans and animals.

Top 4 Water Purification Solutions For Water-Scarce Areas

Most wastewaters require treatment before you can release it back into the environment. An efficient wastewater treatment strategy will incorporate multiple processes of treatment to ensure that water discharged to the environment does not pose health or environmental risks.

4. Solar Powered Water Treatment

You might not realise that water and energy, in many instances, go hand in hand. The production of electricity relies heavily on the availability of quality water.  In turn, the treatment of wastewater requires energy – often in the form of electricity. Therefore, taking a holistic approach to wastewater treatment and management is vital. 

Top 4 Water Purification Solutions For Water-Scarce Areas

As an innovative water treatment solutions company, NuWater provides methods to power our water purification systems. For one, the use of solar power equipment. With lack of power being the greatest challenge in water treatment for remote areas, solar energy allows our processes to be as sustainable as possible.

Cost-Effective, Clean Water for All

Due to its unequal distribution and high global demand, there’s a chronic water shortage in many regions and communities. With increasing pressure on water resources, it is up to industry innovators and organisations to provide sustainable water purification systems for remote and water-scarce areas. 

NuWater aims to continuously be at the forefront of smart water treatment solutions by providing sustainable, adaptable, and mobile water-saving resources. 

Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with a tailored water treatment solution. 

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