Turning water challenges into success stories

The thing about an inspirational story is that it breeds change – and that is what NuWater is bringing to South Africa’s agricultural sector. NuWater is turning the farming sectors water challenges into success stories – one farm at a time.

For instance, NuWater recently hatched a smart plan for a local chicken farm under severe water restrictions but had large quantities of polluted underground borehole water which they could not use. The chicken farm was on the brink of closing their doors, which meant letting employees go. Not only would this have disrupted livelihoods, but it would have caused shortaged of chickens on a national basis which could have caused a price disruption within the market.

So how did NuWater solve their problem?

NuWater installed a mobile, adaptable, and rapidly deployable, high performing water treatment plant, built specifically for the farm’s unique environment and requirements. Using ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis water filtration technologies, NuWater could guarantee the exact water quality required, securing livelihoods and stabilising market prices.