Ultra-Filtration System for Juice Manufacturer

Ultra-Filtration System For Juice Manufacturer

NuWater recently proposed using our ultra-filtration system to a fruit juice, food and beverage manufacturer. They needed a constant supply of clean water to continue producing high quality dry and wet ingredients to various other clients in the food sector.

Growing Pains

Over the past few years, our client’s manufacturing unit experienced significant growth. Although smaller select buyers and distributors were their initial targets, more recently, due to their client base and manufacturing capacity expansion, their operating systems and quality control also increased.

The rapid growth led to increased water consumption, and varying water quality resulted in investigating alternative water sources. Our client soon realised that water treatment was essential to ensure the quality of their manufacturing site and products.

They approached a local university to guide them through the available solutions put forward by respective providers. Since NuWater was the only firm offering a reliable ultra-filtration system with a superior performance guarantee, our client and consultant were eager to work with us.

Ultra-Filtration System For Juice Manufacturer

Municipal Variability

Due to the fluctuating quality of the municipal water supply and the use of excessive chlorine and other chemical contaminants, the consistency of our client’s products was under threat.

Significant cost increases of the municipal supply also became problematic, as not only our client’s volumetric requirement was growing but so was the water price, which made paying for water increasingly challenging.

Water Treatment Wins

NuWater offered our client a packaged plant consisting of pre-filtration, ultra-filtration and a remote monitoring system. The entire process is maintained through PLC control and backed up with NuWater’s Service Level Agreement package.

Environmental Impact

Our plant has consistently provided high-quality water for production use. It passes all regular quality tests, and the unit can be monitored easily by performing quick inspections. SLA visits reinforce quality checks and deliver auditable track records of consistent performance.

Ultra-Filtration System For Juice Manufacturer
Ultra-Filtration System For Juice Manufacturer
Ultra-Filtration System For Juice Manufacturer

Client Benefits

  1. Our client can track and monitor plant performance expertly.
  2. NuWater is available on short notice to attend to queries.
  3. The ultra-filtration system eliminates unnecessary ingredient and product losses due to poor quality water.
  4. Blockages in production equipment have stopped. 
  5. Our client’s maintenance department has indicated fewer breakdowns due to the clean water.
  6. The water is tested frequently and found to be bacteria-free.

NuWater’s Holistic Approach

A NuWater solution always encompasses everything from the required water quality to the client’s specific needs and preferences.

We not only provided a scientifically proven solution, but our delivery period was also highly favourable to our client’s needs. The ultra-filtration system is a prime example of innovative technology.

Since reliability and consistency are critical to high-quality products, our client requires high-quality water. NuWater successfully empowered our client to function at optimal capacity.

Why NuWater?

Our detailed approach to finding the most viable, appropriate solution is based on achieving success and our client’s satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our clear communication, innovation and high success rate.

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