Water & Food shortage

With the world facing the most severe water and food shortage in three decades, and with the agriculture sector consuming up to 70% of the earth’s water supply, water insecurity poses a significant threat, affecting the industry and the economy exacerbating hunger and leading to other societal issues.

Wastewater management has become the cornerstone of running a successful agriculture business. Benefiting urban users, farmers and the environment, wastewater promotes sustainable agriculture, reduces purification levels and fertilization costs, ensures food supply, and preserves scarce water resources while maintaining environmental quality.

At the forefront of modern agriculture wastewater treatment, NuWater is turning the farming sectors water challenges into success stories with its rapidly deployable and re-deployable modular and mobile water treatment systems that reclaim high-quality and quantities of water from seawater, brackish water, wastewater, and other surface and groundwater. All of which can be packaged with solar power units located at the point of treatment saving on pumping costs and infrastructure.

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