Water is a hot topic in South Africa

Water is a hot topic in South Africa, as accountability and added stringent environmental regulations are put in force. From the mining, power, oil and gas sectors to the agricultural and industrial sectors, industry produces massive amounts of wastewater. The bulk of which is released back into the environment untreated, further compromising our already freshwater shortage.

It has become abundantly clear that our current approach to water and wastewater infrastructure does not meet both water quality standards and population demand. The World Bank predicts that by 2025 two-thirds of the global population will run short of fresh drinking water, and with South Africa’s semi-arid climate and an average annual rainfall of half the world average—we need clean and profitable solutions.

NuWater provides water-reliant clients with a sustainable re-source that reduces operational costs and environmental impact. Using the latest technologies, we design our modular and mobile water and wastewater treatment plants to extract maximum value from the water resources available.

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