Water Purification Plant Success in Winelands

Water Purification Plant Success In Winelands

NuWater’s water purification plant in the Cape Winelands has been a massive success!

Our client, a thriving, historic wine estate in the wider Stellenbosch region, has experienced tremendous growth in terms of restaurants, accommodation, and wine manufacturing over the past few decades. A variety of restaurants and award-winning wines has ranked them among the top 100 vineyards in the world.

Of Water and Wine

In the wine industry, water quality and sufficiency are non-negotiable. With the increased water consumption and Cape Town’s state as a disaster after the worst drought in almost a century, our client decided to investigate an alternative water source.

In search of a supplier, our client issued an “Invitation for the procurement of a water purification plant” in December 2017.

Since then, NuWater has analysed the estate’s specific needs and implemented a treatment strategy consisting of stored product water used in emergency cases.

Water Purification Plant Success In Winelands

Houston, We Have A Problem

The municipality’s inconsistent water supply posed a considerable threat to our client’s bold wine-making operations. The immense cost increases of the municipal water supply became an Achilles’ heel to their business, as the volumetric requirement grew along with the water supply rates.

The NuWater Solution

NuWater offered our client the most appropriate, cost-effective solution in the form of a containerised water treatment plant consisting of pre-filtration, media filtration, reverse osmosis with a remote monitoring system. Besides our short lead time, we sealed the process with an SLA (Service Legal Agreement) which ensure successful long-term operation.

“NuWater professionally guided us through the entire process from initial engagement and site visit to design and construction of our water treatment plant.”


Prepare for Impact

The NuWater plant has provided a consistent stream of high-quality product water for nearly four years. We pass all quality tests time after time, and the unit can easily be monitored. Standard SLA visits ensure regular quality checks and an auditable track record of unvarying performance.

Our client secured their water supply for wine manufacturing and hospitality, making a valuable impact on the surrounding community and tourist industry. With the reduced water consumption from the municipality, our client now has a highly reliable water supply of 120m3 per day that is of SANS241 drinking water standard, at their immediate disposal.

The Heart of the Matter

NuWater always considers the environmental impact and quality requirements of a project, along with our clients’ preferences, offering the best-suited solution to their water supply problems.

Feedback from Our Client

NuWater offers the shortest delivery time at the best price. We provide the most attractive solution and technology with quality backup service and support, maintaining our professionalism at all times. Furthermore, our methods are innovative and original.

Our client states that NuWater extends a “detailed approach to offering the most valuable and viable solution” on the market.

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