Water Treatment in the Citrus Industry in South Africa

Water Treatment In The Citrus Industry In South Africa

Your Guide to Water Treatment in the Citrus Industry 

When it comes to the citrus industry in South Africa, the demand for water treatment is consistently increasing.  

As the world’s second-largest fresh citrus exporter at 2.131 million tons (for the 2019 export season) and with many processes requiring potable water, the South African citrus industry faces tremendous pressure and various challenges.

Challenges for the Citrus Industry in South Africa 

Water Treatment In The Citrus Industry In South Africa


The citrus industry in South Africa is not only trying to meet local demand. According to the  South African Citrus Annual GAIN Report, the international market for South African citrus is showing huge growth, making it a key contributor to the country’s export market.

At the same time, many citrus farms are struggling to keep up with the demand due to water shortages. Since many of these farms are located outside of municipal infrastructure, they need to keep a close eye on the quality and quantity of their water and that their discharge is within safe limits. 

According to a study published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), citrus-processing industries produce large volumes of wastewater, essentially derived from fruit washing and other processes. And uncontrolled disposal of this wastewater can lead to pollution, causing environmental damage.

Where Water Treatment Comes in

Water Treatment In The Citrus Industry In South Africa

This is where two worlds collide. Due to the rising volumes of industrial wastewater in the citrus industry, the need for water treatment in this sector is undeniable. 

Through water treatment, farms can reclaim and reuse water to help them keep up with their water needs. 

What You Need to Know About Water Treatment in the Citrus Industry in South Africa

How Wastewater Increases 

Due to the temporary storage, washing, grading, and sorting of the fruit, juice extraction and finishing, heat treatment, and product packaging and storage, wastewater accumulation quickly adds up.

How Wastewater is Recycled 

With the help of NuWater’s mobile smart water treatment plants, it’s possible to recover high quantities of quality potable water from any wastewater stream.  

We can offer anything from chemical dosing, clarification, multimedia filtration, iron removal, solids removal via ultra-filtration, or at the last stage, reverse osmosis filtration and chemical treatment.


There are various benefits to recycling wastewater, most notably the following.

Water Treatment In The Citrus Industry In South Africa

 1. Sustainability 

Only about 2.5% of water available on the planet is freshwater, and even this resource is becoming scarce. The reuse of wastewater provides a solution to this issue and promotes a lifestyle of sustainability in general. 

2. Economic Value 

The recycling of wastewater has economic potential, as many businesses now recognise society’s need for fresh water. Reusing wastewater is very economical for the industry, and with the right treatment plants in place, it can optimise your operation’s efficiency. 

Get Your Wastewater Treatment Plan Up and Running 

At NuWater, we pride ourselves on being a specialist in the field of water treatment. If you’re in the South African citrus industry, contact us today for a tailored water treatment solution. 

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