We need fresh water to survive

We need fresh water to survive, and with a planet composed of 70% water, this should not be hard to achieve. But 97% is saltwater, and only 1% is potable. With climate change and drought experienced in many areas of South Africa, our water supply is running short. But there is a solution – and it’s called Desalination.

South Africa boasts a coastline of over 2500 kilometres, which can provide a climate-independent source of water for critical human needs and industry and agriculture. Utilising our ocean is an effective way to secure water supplies against the effects of climate change, a growing population, and drought.

A key player in the South African water management sector, NuWater designed, built and operated several, world class, full-scale seawater desalination plants. Addressing South Africa’s water challenges by pushing technology forward while maintaining energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness – our modular and mobile water, wastewater and desalination plants, can produce between 15 000 to 50 million litres or more – of high-grade potable water a day.

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