Why waste water, when we can reuse it?

Water, water, water—South African #municipal water problems are never-ending. Add #climatechange and #overpopulation to an already shrinking water supply, and South Africans will have bigger problems than Eskom’s energy woes. South Africa will have no safe drinking water. But NuWater’s high-performing water treatment plants address these water problems quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

NuWater is a specialist provider of solutions and services for the treatment, reclamation, and re-use of #wastewater and the #desalination of sea and brackish water. The mobility and modularity of NuWater’s solutions are made possible by its modules that are five times smaller than the industry average. Not only does this enable NuWater to deliver rapidly deployable and re-deployable water and wastewater treatment solutions, but it also enables a larger treatment capacity to accommodate a smaller #environmental footprint than conventional plants.

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