Agricultural Water Treatment

Prudent management of existing resources and NuIdeas tailor-made solutions mitigate risk and add to bottom line profitability

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Feeding a growing population with limited water resources

We know that a reliable supply of good quality water is vital to all farming and agricultural businesses for irrigation & livestock and in order to maximise productivity. In addition, associated activities such as preparation, packaging, sanitation and transport may depend on the availability of quality, fit for purpose industrial water.

Water scarcity and climate change, resulting in extreme drought and flooding, threaten to disrupt water supply and productivity. NuWater is familiar with these and other challenges facing our farmers and for the need to provide effective and reliable solutions that help to preserve bottom line profit.

NuWater leads the field in the provision of water treatment and water management solutions for all water types including brackish water, wastewater, surface water, groundwater and sea water.

Check out the testimonials from farmers under the “More Information/Video” tag above.


Agriculture uses 70% of the earth’s fresh water, 3 times more than 50 years ago.


Approximately 40% of the world’s food relies on artificial irrigation. This is expected to increase by 19% by 2050.

Harvesting a sustainable resource

The NuWater water treatment and resource management plants are mobile, modular, scalable and durable. With NuThinking all our plants are automated, high performing, low maintenance  and guaranteed to deliver a sustainable supply of water at the quantity and quality required and when and where it is needed.

Reclaiming and reusing wastewater created through agricultural processes can provide farmers with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly water treatment solution .

Our NuIdeas have recently resulted in the delivery of solutions for a variety of crop and livestock farmers and associated industries including pack houses and dairies.

Our customised, fit for purpose equipment is easily and quickly re-deployable and are also available for short, medium or long-term rental. The reduction of operating and capital costs to the end-user is a key objective to our NuThinking philosophy.

Check out the testimonials from farmers under the “More Information/Video” tag above.