Municipal Water & Waste Water Treatment

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Environmentally and economically sustainable

Urbanisation, growing populations, ageing infrastructure and stricter environmental regulation coupled with fast diminishing reserves of fresh water are all undermining the ability of local authorities to provide adequate quantities of clean and safe potable water to their inhabitants.

NuWater’s smart water treatment solutions are enabling Municipalities around the world to reclaim and recover wastewater, ground or surface water and seawater and deliver high quality potable and process water for domestic and industrial use.

Our mobile, scalable and automated water treatment plants are easy to transport and commissioned onsite, making them ideal for decentralised operations, seasonal demand or emergencies.


Discharged water

In developing countries, more than 80% of domestic wastewater is discharged untreated, polluting rivers, lakes and coastal areas.


Billion Ltr Annually

South Africa already has 7 million people without access to water requiring an additional 26 billion litres annually.

Scaling to wide-ranging needs

From small to large scale, our plants reclaim and recover anything from 15 000 to 50 million litres of high-grade water a day, making NuWater the partner of choice for Municipalities around the world, from Singapore to Sedgefield.

NuThinking, NuIdeas and Cutting edge technology

NuWater is able to provide smart out of the box solutions with a combination of innovation and access to industry-leading products, engineering ingenuity and in-depth industry know-how. In addition, our patented and bespoke technology and purpose fit equipment mean we can meet the most demanding challenges, quickly and efficiently. Agility, high performance and added value are hallmarks of our water treatment solutions. We commit to NuThinking, NuIdeas and to continually employ the latest technologies.

Our smallest plants, which can provide communities with a sustainable supply of safe clean water, whenever and wherever it’s needed, can be towed behind a utility vehicle. Our largest plants, which can provide multiple millions of litres of high-grade water a day, require minimal civil engineering and occupy a fraction of the space required by conventional plants.