Brine treatment, Minimal Liquid and
Zero Liquid Discharge water treatment

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Turning wastewater into a valuable resource

NuWater offers a suite of technologies to cost-effectively maximise brine con­centration and, where necessary, achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD) – meaning the complete separation of solid salts from the water.

An obvious first step in attempting to reduce or eliminate brine is to increase the overall recovery of pure water from the wastewater being treated. NuWater plants, fitted with our ‘desupersatura­tion’ modules, are in most cases capable of achieving recovery rates above 95%. The result is a highly concentrated brine stream with significantly reduced volume that can then either be stored in an evap­oration pond or thermally processed to achieve ZLD.

NuWater uses a combination of technol­ogies, including lower temperature tech­nology, to achieve ZLD. Our technology is significantly more effective and efficient than conventional high-temperature evaporative technologies. It has the add­ed benefit of allowing pure or mixed salts to be efficiently extracted, and where possible reused or sold.

We see brine management and zero liq­uid discharge as a critical aspect of many wastewater reclamation and reuse appli­cations. We, therefore, continue to invest significant resources towards continual­ly improving the cost-effectiveness and performance of our solutions.


Total Percentage of All Water that is Salt Water and therefore unsuitable for drinking, agricultural or industrial use.