NuWater has the largest rental fleet of industrial water treatment in Africa. Single process and integrated systems for sizes ranging from 100 000 litres per day all the way up to 30 mega litres per day. Processes including screen, filtration using almost exclusively ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies for mineral reduction and desalination applications.


Individual systems sizes in fleet:

Ultrafiltration systems 250 000 lt/day to 12 MLD  |  Reverse osmosis systems from 150 000lt/day to 5 MLD

Introducing the benefits of rental water treatment systems

Water treatment and wastewater management systems are a costly investment. NuWater realise the risks involved in purchasing and have found what we believe to be the most viable solution.

Our rental fleet offers completely tailor made water management and treatment systems proven to benefit our customers. NuWater are the market leaders in this sector, and now boast the largest rental fleet on the African continent. We have spent years refining our rental offering, identifying the pitfalls for customers whose core business objective is not water management or treatment.

The rising cost of purchasing equipment, and an unpredictable market which has forced most companies to find ways to save money, contribute to the growth in popularity of equipment rentals. In many instances, renting has become a viable option – providing the ability to cut costs and run more financially stable businesses, while leaving the business of water management and treatment to industry specialists.


Purchasing brand new water treatment equipment and systems is a large investment, making a significant impact on your company’s capital budget. This large and long-term investment can tie you down to particular equipment items, and to incurring the costs that come with them.

Renting this equipment, however, avoids the upfront costs associated with purchasing and allows businesses to allocate their financial resources better.

When looking at owning equipment and machinery, companies must consider the ongoing costs of maintenance and repair, as well as the skills required for the job. The truth is, operational equipment from pumps and valves to membranes, requires significant upkeep to operate safely and at optimal efficiency

While support and repair of rental equipment is still crucial, the time and labour costs associated with maintenance and repair are lower and more manageable – in many cases this can be a fixed cost. Renting your water treatment equipment and systems removes the stress of this maintenance from businesses, leaving the matter in the capable hands of NuWater specialists.

Fluctuation of the market is a risk to almost all sectors. Influencing factors such as cost of commodities and equipment are out of your control.

When you choose to rent water treatment systems and equipment, you can cushion your company from any unpredictable financial obstacles that may arise. Rather than committing to a piece of equipment, leasing allows for a flexibility that makes handling the rise and fall of the market easier on your business.

From the initial purchase, machinery you own will incur considerable depreciation in value. This is inevitable, no matter the investment you put into maintenance on top of the upfront purchase. Over time and as value depreciates, recovering the costs can be difficult for most companies.

Renting water treatment equipment can help companies to avoid the losses associated with this depreciation of value. In addition, should there be a variation in raw feed water and chemical concentrations, rental systems account for these and are flexible. If your needs change, so can your rental equipment.

Industries with project specific requirements, such as construction type (EPC) companies, are often balancing multiple projects at once. This can cause logistical issues when it comes to providing sites with water treatment equipment.

Companies can avoid incurring logistical costs of transferring equipment and sharing them among numerous project sites by considering renting particular pieces of equipment for specific projects. This eliminates logistical delays and provides each site with the resources to get the project finished efficiently.

Storage of the equipment you own is another important factor to consider. When not in use, machinery must be stored appropriately, and should not be exposed to conditions that may cause faster depreciation of your investment.

When renting equipment, your company can simply return it to NuWater and never have to worry about unnecessary costs that come with storage and maintaining machinery that isn’t in use.

When is renting water treatment equipment best for your business strategy?

Once you know the benefits of renting water treatment equipment, when is it time to consider this option as a good strategy for your business?

1. Expansion

If you have plans or hopes for expansion or scaling up of a process, you need a water treatment system that can grow with your operation. Unlike purchasing new equipment, rental units offer flexible and affordable solutions that meet the growing demands of your operations at every step with ease.

2. Short-Term Projects

A short term project may not require a permanent purchase of equipment. When in need of a temporary solution, rental gives you flexibility for the time the equipment is needed.

NuWater rental units provide companies with the necessary equipment along with the same warranties and technical support as purchased machinery. However, renting does not impose the responsibilities that come along with owning this equipment. This gives you all the “pros” of ownership without the “cons” associated with long-term upkeep. Additionally you have the benefit of gauging equipment operation expenses, and this real life data from your short term project can be used to make informed decisions about future equipment acquisitions.

3. Budget Constraints

Regardless of economic conditions, renting is always the affordable option. However, for those with little capital to work with on startup, renting could be your only option. Renting offers considerable savings on start up as well as on a weekly/monthly basis. Companies who choose to rent can start generating income while making low monthly payments on rental units from NuWater. This also saves you from costs that come with ownership associated with wear and tear, maintenance and other factors. Rental equipment tends to be newer and more efficient, giving you the highest possible productivity.

4. Product Testing

Before you take the plunge of purchasing equipment and investing with a company, renting gives you the option to try before you buy. This means you can perform your own product tests, at your own pace, in your own production facility. You will then be able to ensure the equipment applications deliver to your needs and expectations. This can be especially useful in certain cases such as powder transfer, which we discuss in our blog about the benefits of testing powder handling equipment.

Your rental experience gives you first hand knowledge about the manufacturer and service providers involved, so you can gauge from your own interactions how their customer service and technical support measures up.  Trials like this give you the ability to make informed decisions on the machinery and the people you work with on future projects.

5. Long-Term Solutions

A short term project that has the potential to become a permanent fixture in your facility may result in you looking into a long term solution. Aside from the benefits we have covered above, such as product testing and rentals growing with your processes, the flexibility in payment from a short term project that transitions into a long-term one can be significantly beneficial in the long run.