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Smart Water Treatment Systems

To ensure the health and sustainability of the world’s freshwater reserves, domestic sewage and effluent waters must be adequately treated before being released back into the environment. In the developing world most of the wastewater produced is released untreated back into rivers, lakes and the sea resulting in pollution of otherwise healthy water environments. Untreated wastewater results in the spread of pathogens that are harmful to humans and animals using the affected water, and in oxygen depletion that directly impacts fish and other organisms required for healthy aquatic environments.

NuWater, together with its global technology partners, using the latest biological treatment techniques and in cases where required, is paired with our membrane reactors to achieve the desired result. Modular systems that are robust, reliable, compact and cost-effective.

Sewage sludge is generally disposed of in landfill sites at a cost. This biomass is, however, a potentially useful source of energy rather than merely a waste product. NuWater has partnered with technology providers to take advantage of this energy source while at the same time eliminating the environmental hazard and disposal cost. The energy produced is then used to help power the wastewater treatment process.


of the earth’s surface is covered with water—with 97% saltwater and 3% freshwater. Of the 3%, less than 1% is potable. Given the growth in population and the effects of climate change, wastewater can be sustainably used and made drinkable or useful for water intensive industrial processes.