How NuWater Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant Functions

Ever wondered how a NuWater Ultrafiltration plant functions and what it’s comprised of? Watch the video above for more.

Problems being solved:

  1. Removal or reduction of heavy metal concentrations
  2. Removal or reductions of suspended solids
  3. Removal or reductions of organics and colour
  4. Advanced filtration of selected materials for reuse
  5. Chemical recovery systems

Treatment Plant Functions:

  • Backwash Pump for automatic cleaning
  • Flow Monitoring Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Pressure Monitoring Pressure Transmitter
  • Ultrafiltration Membrane using hollow fibre technology
  • Waste outlet to recovery system or drain
  • Feed Pump to feed raw water to UF system
  • Flow Monitoring Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Air for backwash scour
  • Valve for automatic control
  • Flow Monitoring Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Final product water for use

Ideal for:

  • Filtering of feed water with suspended concentrations less than 100 – 150mg/l
  • Feed water containing hard and soft solids
  • Large solids loading capabilities with <99% of solids rejection
  • Operates using automatic operation mode for low operator intervention
  • Consistent output quality under varying suspended solids loads
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