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Technical and commercial propositions that combine conventional and unconventional energy/power

The relationship between water and energy is a very close one. A vast majority of the electricity produced today is dependent on the availability of sufficient high-quality water. Similarly, the treatment of water and wastewater consumes a significant amount of energy, almost exclusively in the form of electricity.

NuWater has long understood the need to consider and design water /wastewater treatment, waste stream management, and energy production holistically.

NuWater has developed several technical and commercial propositions that combine conventional and unconventional energy/power with water and wastewater treatment solutions.

The water-energy nexus is the relationship between water required to generate and transmit energy, and the power needed to collect, clean and move water and wastewater. Given the full-service nature of the NuWater’s business model, we recognise that water cannot be viewed in isolation and that in many cases sufficient reliable power is not available to our customers.

NuWater, therefore, offers a range of solar power equipment to power its water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Where the requirement is to be off the grid, or there is no grid or just to be as sustainable and efficient as possible, we have the correct solution for your application.

Energy consumption costs are one of the greatest challenges facing water treatment plants. For seawater and brackish water desalination, energy use can represent a large percentage of total operating costs. Paired with NuWater’s integrated solar power systems this cost can be significantly reduced and in a large majority of instances completely removed as an operating expense.